Mermaid Cake Bunting Topper - Wholesale
$ 10.00

Adore your cake with one of our cake bunting toppers. An easy way to dress up any cake. 

Our cake bunting includes:

  • 1 set of acrylic bunting poles (that are reusable with this felt ball bunting or any bunting you create.)
  • 5 felt balls strung together and tied onto the reusable bunting poles.

Our cake bunting topper is reusable. Just wash the acrylic poles with warm water and mild soap.

7 colors available:

  • perfectly pink (5 shades of pink)
  • rose gold (blush, rose gold & ivory shades)
  • rainbow unicorn (pink, lavender, apricot, butter yellow & mint)
  • mermaid (pink, violet, seaglass, spruce & white)
  • princess (violet, bright pink, white, pansy purple & pink)
  • ocean (5 shades of blue)
  • storm (mint, seaglass, spruce, ivory & driftwood)