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Black and White Sophisticated printable Halloween Collection


Our Black and White Sophisticated Halloween collection is elegant, but could easily turn frightful! Like the classic black and white Hitchcock films....

Just add Spooktacular treats that will make your guest scream! This collection can be used for adults, teen or younger kids. The greatest part is it is very versatile... you could add little red pops for a more frightful dessert table (would go perfect for the teen- Hitchcock feel) or add orange for the younger kids or green, purple for more of a glam halloween spectacular.

Your Black and White Sophisticated Collection includes:
1. Happy Halloween Banner
2. Trick or Treat Banner
3. Candy bar wrappers- 6 designs
4. Cupcake toppers (2.5") 6 designs
5. Party circles/ tag (2") 6 designs
6. It's all about the candy tag (2") 6 designs
7. Favor toppers- 4 designs
8. Drink wrappers-10 designs
9. Flags- 7 designs
10. Napkin rings- 6 designs (I used these for the small potion bottles)
11. Pattern papers- 6 designs